My Sun & Stars

Video screenshot of My Sun & Stars

Music video for Bristol band My Sun & Stars

The Brief

Bristol-based melodic hardcore band My Sun & Stars approached me to shoot a music video for their song The Sickness. For them, getting the shots was all about finding a great location to set the mood for the video and having a very loose visual story portrayed throughout. The band were happy to hear my ideas for my own visual representation of what I thought the song was about, so I had a listen to the track, asked for the lyrics and started taking notes. The band were also helpful in supplying lots of visual references of music videos they liked and what they were aiming for which included Climates – Leaves of Legacy, A Call to Sincerity – Mayhem and Hills Have Eyes – Strangers.

The Response

For me, the song was symbolic of someone suffering with depression, feeling isolated and wanting to break out and cry for help whilst feeling grossly misunderstood. With these ideas in mind, I suggested that the video should focus around the singer George climbing a stairway which would serve as a visual metaphor of him fighting his way to making himself heard, all the while cutting to shots of him performing with the band. Eventually George should make it to the room where the band were performing to take his position at the microphone to sing the final chorus with them. As the song finishes, the camera should then track out from a close up of George to reveal none of the rest of the band were ever really there, offering a visual hint that the experience of him connecting with the band was in fact all just in his imagination.

The band loved the idea so I put together a storyboard and shotlist to ensure we’d capture everything we needed on the day of the shoot. We then looked for a suitable location for the shoot and settled on the Old Crown Courts in Broadmead, Bristol as the building matched the dark tone of the song perfectly. The one limitation we had with the production schedule is that the band could only afford to hire the venue for two hours, which meant I had to be extremely organised and work really fast to get all of the shots we needed!

The Result

The video we ended up with was one that met all of the band’s requirements and served its purpose of setting the right tone. Here’s what the singer George had to say about it:

“We worked with Matt on our music video for The Sickness. Our video location ended up being super limited by time as we only had a couple of hours to shoot. Matt prepared for the limited time and really planned out, ahead of the shoot, exactly what was happening. When it came down to the day he knew the sequence of shots for the story and managed to blitz though them in the allotted time. The end result was great and for the time we had he nailed the look.”

Watch the video: