Music video production for Gratitude

The Brief

Bristol House duo Gratitude came to me looking for an exciting new music video to accompany their latest summer single release.

The main hook of the song featured the line ‘show me your moves’, and therefore they already had the idea of having the video feature lots of people with varying talents showing off their best moves.

They wanted the video to be fresh, exciting and to really sell that feel-good summer vibe.

The Response

In an initial consultation with the duo and the vocalist Tita Lau, taking on their recommendations I suggested that the video should start with all of the talents warming up in slow motion, and then when the song drops after the build up that it should play back at normal speed with the talents showing off their best moves for maximum impact and energy. To achieve their summer aesthetic, I also insisted that we should wait for the best weather for the shoot dates, and used post production techniques such as colour correcting the video for high contrast and using light leak transitions to create the look.

I always like to research examples with my clients as well, as this helps to visualiseĀ our ideas together to make sure we’re on the same page. Examples for the aesthetic we were trying to aim for included DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora’s Hot Right Now video for the mood and colourĀ tone, and Patrick Stump’s Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) for the pace and energy.

Production wise, the amount of filming was my most ambitious project to date, with many shoot dates and different talents to organise, I ended up filming a lot of them separately in different locations to add a good visual mixture to the video.

The Result

The resulting video ended up being one that was packed full of energy and showcases some of the best of Bristol’s talents. The video has clocked up over 7,000 views since its release and you can watch the full video here: