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Brunel’s SS Great Britain was where I really cut my teeth and learnt my craft as a creative producer. I worked there for 3 years, firstly as a Marketing Assistant and then as Communications Officer. Here I developed professional experience in marketing, graphic design, photography and video production, whilst working client-side in lots of relationships with other professional creative production companies, which has given me the level of understanding I now have on what my potential clients require from me.

An example of some work I did for Brunel’s SS Great Britain was working with Bristol-based Omni Productions to produce a short series of videos to market the ship’s exciting new rigging climbing experience ‘Go Aloft!’. On this project, I was responsible for writing the creative brief that was supplied to Omni Productions to commence work on the videos. I was also responsible for working with the production team and director and overseeing the production of the shoots client-side for Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Whilst Omni Productions were fully responsible for the production of the video and it’s end product, I was also very hands on and acted as a camera operator on one shoot where my shots were used and can be seen at 0.06-0.08 and 0.15-0.19 in the video example below. Finally I also attended the edit for the Go Aloft! videos where I provided continuous client-side feedback which fed into the final content and structure of the edited videos.

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