Bristol City Centre BID

Screenshot of BID employees

Corporate video production for Bristol City Centre BID

The Brief

Destination Bristol were looking for a series of three corporate videos to promote their proposed Business Improvement District (BID) for Bristol City Centre.

For the BID to go ahead, it would be up to the businesses that fell under the proposed zones to vote on whether the project should go ahead or not. The videos would act as support material in outlining why members should vote yes and to act as voting reminders on the lead up to the voting deadline.

The Response

The team were just looking for a series of short videos that would mainly consist of talking heads and title screens that outlined the main points. When meeting the team for a consultation, I suggested that the video should be scripted to ensure the video stays concise and to the point, and worked with them to decide on what the subjects and main points of each video should be. Once the script had been worked out, I was able to come up with a shot list of b-roll content that I also went out and filmed which acted as footage that would help to tell the story, and retain the attention of the viewer whilst showcasing the beautiful city of Bristol.

The Result

The BID team have since celebrated great success in having their proposals voted in favour to go ahead by local businesses, meaning that they will now spend the next five years delivering the project. The result was mainly due to them working extremely hard over the last two years, working with local businesses to deliver a proposal that works for the city and the organisations within it, and meeting the businesses on a regular basis to discuss the project with them. I do however like to think, and the team have agreed, that the series of videos have played a small part in the success of the BID. The video content serves its purpose well in getting their clear message across, and even the delivery of the videos themselves prove the team’s level of professionalism, commitment and organisation skills. The team were very happy with the final videos. Here’s what Pauline Gendre had to say about them:

“Matt had a really quick response to taking the project on at short notice, working with us to schedule appointments, set video deadlines and delivering the films on those deadlines whilst still allowing plenty of time for us to make amendments. Matt had excellent artistic suggestions, whilst also taking the time out to help us with the implementation of our videos on YouTube and even setting our YouTube channel up with channel art. Overall he was very artistic, helpful and reliable.

Watch the video: