The Bike Spoke Logo Design

Header image of logo design for Bristol-based cycle wear company The Bike Spoke.

Bristol-based ethical cycle wear company The Bike Spoke approached me, as they needed logo design services for their new brand.

The goal for the start up was to provide stylish, casual cycle clothing that would use recycled or sustainable materials such as bamboo in the production of their products. The Bike Spoke required a logo that would reflect these values, so I set to work on my research.

Despite the company only needing a logo design, I still did some basic brand research and offered some advice. A logo is a small component of an overall brand, so it’s important that some level of branding is taken into consideration to ensure a good result.

I spent the time with the client developing mood boards, gaining constant feedback on style choices and taking inspiration from other similar brands.

Once we’d decided on a direction, the next step was to put pencil to paper and for me to present some potential design directions. Once we’d decided on the direction to take, with the feedback from the client I then further developed the chosen idea to present a final version ready for use.

The final version was also presented in colour. The colours chosen took inspiration from nature and provided some options that would give the logo a long shelf life that would act as a good basis for further brand development in the future. The following designs were also presented within operational context to enable the client to visualise how the logo would look in use.

The logo design for The Bike Spoke presented in context with examples such as mock ups on a t-shirt, office stationary and more

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