Andy Burgess

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The Brief

My good friend Andy Burgess is a freelance Snapchat content creator and consultant, who quite simply came to me looking for an explainer video for his YouTube channel.

The video needed to explain to his viewers what he does, whilst showcasing some of his best and most exciting Snapchat stories. Finally, the video also needed to act as a call to action for people to engage with his YouTube channel and of course, add him on Snapchat.

The Response

After some research on YouTube vloggers, I suggested to Andy that his video should take the informal vlogging style approach that he’s very much used to doing on Snapchat. We also had the idea of showcasing an edit of what his Snapchat videos look like overlayed on a phone. For this we filmed the phone in a busy environment but overlayed the Snapchat edit in post-production so the video footage displayed retained its original quality and size.

The Result

Andy was really happy with what we achieved with the video. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“When I was looking to put together a video for my YouTube channel to show off what I do on Snapchat, I knew Matt was going to be the perfect choice as he understands storytelling on mobile and traditional film. Within the first meeting he already had a bunch of great ideas to incorporate and immediately started shooting. He had a very clear creative vision for the video and was as excited as me, and he turned around the project within a week. Matt was professional from pre-production all the way to the final edit and I felt very confident he would deliver a fantastic video. I’m looking forward to see what Matt does next and I’m 100% certain we will collaborate on projects in the future!

Watch the video: