Meet Matt

My name’s Matt & I’m in the pursuit of creating beautiful, powerful brands & engaging content.
I have extensive marketing experience & I’m an avid content creator with experience in filmmaking, photography & design.

My professional experience has taught me to always start with strategy when it comes to creating content, meaning I’m able to deliver effective marketing campaigns that get results.

It all started with being the front man of a band based in Bristol, where we did all of our own marketing and learnt as we went along. Even in these early days (almost a decade ago now), we worked out that video content was the most engaging over social media. This was still even before the days of being able to record high quality video on your phone, so we were filming everything on handheld digital cameras, editing, then posting to YouTube, Facebook and Myspace (RIP Myspace) etc! The results were sell out shows, a UK tour where we were shocked by the amount of people that would turn up to a gig in a city where we’d never played before and even getting interviewed and our music played by Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio One.

With some guerilla marketing experience under my belt, I then landed a job at Bristol’s multi award-winning attraction Brunel’s SS Great Britain working as a Marketing Assistant and later, Communications Officer, where I developed my marketing expertise in a professional capacity. Brunel’s SS Great Britain is where I really cut my teeth, learning marketing research, strategy, PR, advertising, content creation, photography and so, so much more! I could really go on but this page isn’t the space for it, so if you’d like to know more I invite you to check out my portfolio.

So that brings me to today, where I’m venturing out on my own to offer help, advice and content creation services to small to medium-sized businesses. I really value being able to help small businesses look as good and professional as some of their top competitors, so if that sounds like you, then I can’t wait to hear from you! I’d love to have the opportunity to meet up and talk about your business ideas, so please do get in touch when you’re ready.